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At the end we would like to

summarize the knowledge that we

have extracted and examined, from

the old Holy Scriptures and the very

old bibles.

On the 14. Nisan, on a Thursday, the Passover of YAHWEH [it is the Memorial Day for the sparing of the primogeniture] was held; until 18 o´clock, because after that time (because it was getting dark) the new day begins: the high Feast-Sabbath of the year! In the very early morning hours of the 14. Nisan the multiple trials against our Master Yahshua were carried out: 9 o`clock in the morning at the time of the morning- sacrifice, he was crucified; from the sixth to the ninth hour (12 to 15 o'clock) there was a darkness across the entire country; and at the time of the evening sacrifice (15 o`clock) Yahshua died as the innocent Passover / Victim (no two nature-teachings [man/God], since this is of satanic origin)! Soon thereafter Joseph of Arimathea asked the governor Pilatus for the body of Yahshua. Pilatus gives Joseph the body, after he was informed of the early death of Yahshua. Yahshua was then put into an unused rock tomb. The 15. Nisan then was on a Friday, a high Sabbath day of the year, a Feast-Sabbath. On this day our Master Yahshua rested in the rock tomb! Also the 15. Nisan was the first of the “unleavened Breads”. The feast of the unleavened breads was ended after seven days with the Sabbath-day-of-the- year on the 21. Nisan, a Feast-Sabbath. It is clear, that every year these movable feast- and memorial days fall onto random weekdays, since they are calculated according to the new moons of the particular year. On the 16. Nisan, early in the morning our Master Yahshua was RAISED by his Father YAHWEH! His raising (resurrection) took place on a week-sabbath (sabbath of the week), a Saturday, on which both the Miriams (greek: Marien) came to the open burial chamber and did not find the body of Yahshua. This 16. Nisan a week-sabbath in the year of the crucifixion of Yahshua (31 A.D.), is the day of the “first sheaf, the feast of the first sheaf”. After this day seven full weeks will be calculated: it is exactly 50 days [calculated: from the day after the Sabbath, - the Sabbath, the high day of the year of the 16. Nisan - seven full weeks (49 days) until the day after the seventh Sabbath (plus 1 day = 50 days, because 50 days shall be counted)], and this 50. day is Whitsun, also a feast day of the year, that just like the 16. Nisan also falls on Saturday in a week-sabbath in the Year of the Crucifixion. Whitsun is the feast day of the “first fruit”! In the concordant bible as in the Greek, Latin and also in the German translations of Dr. Martin Luther from the years 1522 and 1545, it is written that Yahshua was raised on a Sabbath. We can find more, conclusive evidence in the fourth century from the scholar church father Hieronymus, from the proto-scripture translated VULGATA and the thereof derived IUXTA VULGATAM CLEMENTINAM.
According to the scriptures, the Messiah did rise on the third day, the 16. Nisan, a Saturday, the first from the dead, the “first sheaf”, the “first to rise from the dead”. Yahshua was given approval on his salvation-work by his Father, as he introduced himself to him in Heaven! As he died, the curtain got torn apart in the temple from the top to bottom. “It was done – It was fulfilled”. Meaning, henceforth the victim-legislation, that God had offered even on the feast- and memorial days as per Leviticus 23. was abolished. There was supposed to be no more celebrations that day. God put an end to this! The Ten Commandments were not abolished tough, Exodus 20:2-17. YAHWEH has predetermined the entire event around the Passover on the 14. Nisan at the move-out of Egypt after 430 years of slavery for Israel. Also Joshua / Yahshua kept the Passover after 40 years of wandering the desert, with the children of Israel on the 14. Nisan.- This has stayed as an eternal system for Israel until the death of Yahshua. The move of the people of Israel happened with the breaking of dawn, at night, of the 15. Nisan. This great/high, annual Sabbath was a lasting impression for the people of Israel, reminding them of the move and the liberation from 430 years of slavery from Egypt. It is the high Sabbath, that is mentioned in John 19:31. On this day, the 15. Nisan, Yahshua rested in the grave, before he, on the 16. Nisan, the day that the priests gave the first offer of sheaf from the harvest to YAHWEH, was raised by his Father. The Passover meal was prepared on the 13th Nisan between the “gevenings”, in the time between the evening sacrifice (15 o´clock) and the evening, the sundown. Unambiguous it is written, that the Paschal- meal (Passover) always happened on the night of the 14. Nisan and the move of the people of Israel happened by night, at the beginning of the 15. Nisan. – However, many Sunday-rising-teachers claim that the Paschal-meal (Passover) had first occurred at noon of the 15. Nisan and thereby deny the move of israel on the 15. Nisan at night. Thereby it is also proved, that the testimony of Jonah “three days and three nights” not only refers to the peace of the grave of Yahshua. It is to a greater degree the time of his capture until his raising, that is referred to as “in the heart of the earth” and can be assigned to the reach of power of Satan – even though Satan has no authority over Yahshua. The verse, that he will raise after three days, contains a significant clue: HE IS FOR THE UNBELIEVERS! The salvation-work of Yahshua founds upon the completion of the shadow- legislation, since it is impossible, that the blood of bulls and bucks can take away sins. The shadow-legislation contains the daily morning- and evening-sacrifices on the fixed times at 9 and 15 o´clock and the victim-legislation for the annual celebration- and memorial days. Through his crucifixion, his peace of grave and his resurrection, Yahshua did fulfill three of the four spring-celebration and memorial days. see also: “The sign of Jonah - The Resurrection of Jesus – The resurrection of Jesus was on a weekly Sabbath” by Henry Ramish


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