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Saturday iS The Resurrection Day


Mark 16:1


* Note

In this verse it is stated that the Sabbath “was over,” whereby verse 2 speaks about “very early on the Sabbath/ rising of the sun” clearly based on the evidences. Also mentioned in this verse is the purchasing act “after the Sabbath.” In Luke 23:56 it is clearly written about the preparation of spices by women before “Sabbath” short after Yahshua’s resignation into the grave. Thus the verse Mark 16:1 is contradictory to all other verses of the Holy Scripture in many aspects. Through this fact we see, that the high feast-Sabbath was ending on the 15th Nisan and the following day was a normal week-Sabbath, a Saturday, started after sunset. However, there is still another version, which is more likely and true: As we know from the very old Bibles, Yahshua was crucified or impaled on Thursday. The following day, Friday, was the Great Sabbath of the year in remembrance of the great exodus from slavery of Egypt. This Friday is reflected in the verse of Mark 16:1, whereby the spices had been bought before the Great Sabbath. In Mark 16:2 the women went to the grave in the morning of a weekly Sabbath. - The early Catholic Bible writers were absolutely aware of this connection; their statements however would disguise or cover up the actual sequence of the crucifixion in order to declare Sunday as the day of resurrection in honor of the sun (system of sun worship)! Thus the faithful shall not honor the laws of the living God, but the Catholic Church leaders of the world with their doctrines, also to defeat people’s conscience (moral laws come again!) and to rule over them: "He will blaspheme the Most High, wear out the Saints of the Most High and will even dare to change times and the law!" (Daniel 7:25)

Mark 16:2 LUTHER 1545 + Greek + Hebrew Bibles


Mark 16:2 BIBLE CONCORDANCE 1964 + 1980

So they came on one of the Sabbath days to the grave, very early in the morning, at sunrise.* Verse 9, Matthew 28:1, Luke 24:1, John 19:31; 20:1;19:1 Corinthians 16:2; see also: “Concordance Greek Text” and “VULGATA - IUXTA VULGATAM CLEMENTINAM”.

* Explanation / quoted by Henry Ramish

Additionally to the ungodly doctrine of the Resurrection of Jesus [Yahshua] on Saturday,

at sunset, there are also two versions of the appearance of the two Marys at the tomb of 

Jesus [Yahshua]:

Once it is alleged that the Marys [Editor: Greek: Marys] / Miriams came to the grave right

after the end of the Sabbath, in the beginning of the first day of the week, just after the

sunset. – Hereby the rolling away of the stone from the grave and the anointing of the

corpse of Jesus [Yahshua] should have happened in the darkness. - In other words, all

events that we have been told in Matthew 28:1-15 should have occurred in the

darkness, at night. The Bible Word contradicts it and says that His resurrection and

everything written in Matthew 28:1-8 (John 20:11-19) happened at sunrise and in the

daytime. On the other hand, it is quoted from the revised documents that the Marys

[Miriams] appeared at the tomb of Christ [the Messiah] in the morning, at sunrise on the

first day of the week, whereby Jesus [Yahshua] revived already at least twelve hours

before the end of the Sabbath, just like the first version says. - Where was Jesus

[Yahshua] at this time? – However, it is written that Jesus [Yahshua] met Mary Magdalene

[Miriam of Magdala] on the Sabbath morning, at sunrise, and told her: “Don’t touch me!

... “- then He ascended to His Father in heaven, and returned again at the selfsame

Sabbath where He finally appeared to the Emmaus disciples! - John 20:15-17, Luke


This is also to recognize that even the spices had already been prepared on 14th Nisan,

and during the Great Sabbath they rested according to the commandment. Luke 23:54-


The Marys [Greek: Marys] / Miriams therefore did not come to the tomb at dusk or in the

increasing darkness or in the morning of the first day of the week, but:

”And very early in the morning, at one of the Sabbath days, they came to the tomb

when the sun rose.” Mark 16:2, Concordance Bible of 1964.

And a short time before, on 16th Nis an, the weekly Sabbath, the day of the first fruits,

Leviticus 23:10-11, in 31 A.D., early in the morning, Christ [Editor = the Messiah] 

resurrected like the first fruits from the dead! Mark 16:9; Concordance Bible.

from: “The Sign of Jonah - The Resurrection of Jesus - The resurrection of Jesus was

on a weekly Sabbath” by Henry Ramish

Mark 16:9 ERASMUS 1516 + LUTHER 1545 A.D. + Bethel

Edition + Greek + Hebrew Bibles

But Yahshua / since he had been raised early on the first (?)  Sabbath / he first appeared

to Miriam of Magdala (of Magdala = Greek original text + translation by Menge) / who is

dispossessed of seven demons.

Mark 16:9 CONCORDANT BIBLE 1980 A.D.

As He was resurrected on the morning of the first (?)  Sabbath [on Saturday, the

Sabbath of the week], he appeared first to Mary [Greek: Mary] / MIRIAM, the Magdalene [of

Magdala = Greek original text + MENGE], who He dispossessed of seven demons.*

Verse 16:2, Matthew 28:1; Luke 8:2; 24:1; John 19:31; 20:1.11-18:19, see also: “Concordance


* Explanation / quotation by Henry Ramish

This “first Sabbath” is the weekly Sabbath, the resurrection day of Jesus [Yahshua], the

16th Nisan! - From that day, from the day after the Sabbath, the great Sabbath on 15th

Nisan, seven full weeks should be counted up to the day after the seventh Sabbath, i.e.

fifty days (see Leviticus 23:15-16).

This 50th Day is Pentecost! - Consequently, there was Pentecost in the year of

crucifixion, the outpouring of God’s holy Spirit, also on a weekly Sabbath, Acts chapter

2, John 16: 13.

It is important to know that the annual feasts and commemoration days according to

Leviticus 23 are moveable feasts and commemoration days; for they are counted after

the new moons of the year. God begins the lunar year with the first lunar month of

Nisan, which is counted from the first new moon after the March equinox.

As already mentioned, the seven annual feasts and commemoration days in the New

Covenant, should neither be kept nor celebrated anymore. Nevertheless it should be

known to any faithful person to which day of the calendar they correspond today. All the

events which have already been fulfilled by Jesus Christ [Editor: Yahshua the Messiah]

on the four spring feasts and commemoration days, but also those which are going to

be fulfilled by Him, on the three Autumn feasts and commemoration days immediately

before and with His second coming in the Clouds, are revealed in them.

1 Corinthians 15:50-52; 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18.

from: “The Sign of Jonah - The Resurrection of Jesus - The resurrection of Jesus was

on a weekly Sabbath” by Henry Ramish

* Note: On the previous day, on Wednesday, Yahshua was still keeping the Passover

together with his disciples. The Passover began on Wednesday evening. On Thursday,

early in the morning, as it was still dark, many processes for His execution had been

carried out.

As to the above statement, Yahshua the Messiah was crucified on Thursday at 9

o’clock, on the day of preparation, and at 15 o’clock after his death his body was

quickly removed and placed into the grave, because there were only a few hours left

until the great Sabbath (about 18 o’clock) and it became dark. Following the law, all

people rested on the solemn day, on Friday. On Saturday, the weekly Sabbath was kept

and sanctified. This is the true resurrection day of our Master and Sovereign Yahshua

the Messiah, the Son of God, the Almighty.