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The big deception!

When checking “the date of Messiah’s resurrection” I always came across some irregularities in the Holy Scripture. Once going through the text verse by verse together with a brother, my eyes were suddenly opened by the Heavenly Father and his holy name YAHWEH.

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On one of the Sabbath days of the week came Miriam of Magdala early, when it was yet dark, to the sepulchre, and saw the stone taken away from the sepulchre. (John 20:1) „In the evening of the same Sabbath (Saturday), since the disciples met together and the doors were closed, fearing the Jews, Yahshua came and stepped into the middle among them and spoke to them: PEACE WITH YOU / Hebrew: Shalom Aleichem! (John 20:19)

The words „Sabbath“ and


Since my eyes have been closed until now regarding the former announcement by Dr. Martin Luther in his 1545 translation of the word “Sabbath and Sabbaths” and regarding the irregularity, “when the two women of Miriam (not Greek: Maria) bought and made the spices,“ the facts have now been identified on revision of all relevant verses of Greek and Hebrew Bibles (both manual and online Bibles). The translation of the word “Sabbath” from the Greek in the Online Bible was an exact Greek word for Sabbath, i.e. the word “week”. Now it is not so complicated just to set “first” before it and thus you soon get a translation which has been found in almost all Bibles: “On the first day of the week!” It is now abundantly clear that the word “Sabbath” is contained in the Greek and Hebrew Bibles in an unadulterated form. The only irregularity is contained in the verse in Mark 16:1; however, it is neutralized by the verse in Luke 23:50-56 and inconsistently declared as forgery.
Saturday iS The Resurrection Day
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